Why “Green” Still Matters on Direct Mail and Packaging

Research into the purchase of “green” consumer products shows that overall, consumer awareness and value of green product development is growing even as their commitment to actually paying more for green products is waning. Consumers like to think of themselves as being green, but their actual purchasing behavior should not be taken for granted.

Does this mean you should scale back your plans for encouraging your clients to green their print marketing? No! If consumers are going to purchase green products, they are most influenced by very simple factors you can help your clients control — print and packaging.

In “The Green (r)Evolution,” Grail Research found that of the top five reasons for consumers to purchase green products, four of them are heavily influenced by print: the product is manufactured from recycled / post-consumer materials, the product can be recycled, the packaging can be recycled, and the product has green certification.

What this means is that if your customers aren’t printing information related to the recyclability and recycled content in their products and packaging, encourage them to get it on there! According to Grail Research, more than half (55%) of consumers say that they look for information about a product’s greenness on the packaging itself.

Furthermore, these factors [which are heavily influenced by print and packaging] are the most influential in the broadest category of green consumers — “light green.” Therefore they receive the biggest bang for the buck in terms of visibility.

Grail also found that consumers evaluate companies and products differently when it comes to being green. Adopting sustainable manufacturing practices is perceived as the most important green attribute for companies. Thirty-four percent of consumers said that it was “very important,” not that the product itself was green, but that the company manufacturing it was green. So if you or your clients have environmental certifications, make sure they are printed on your packaging, promotional materials, and displays where they can be easily seen.

Green may not be the heavy hitter it once was in marketing, but where green does still influence consumer behavior, it is promotes the need for print.

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