What Was Happening In Februarys Past?

Sometimes it feels like all the world does is change. But maybe not so much. In the midst of this frozen winter, February seemed a good time to take a look back at what’s been happening on TDN for the past three years.

So let’s take an informal look back at topics, by year.

February 2011 (topics only; content no longer available online)
• Color in printing
• Sales tactics
• Report from DSCOOP
• Battle over paid content
• Sustainable paper procurement
• Marketing pitches
• Digital printing
• Copywriting

February 2012
• Mobile advertising for printers (2x)
• Green printing
• Response rates of PURLs
• A salute to the American stamp
• Personalization
• Marketing Channels
• Creative folding
• QR codes (4x)
• Print for Cause Marketing
• Content marketing
• USPS Barcode

February 2013
• Best practices for selling marketing services
• Saturday delivery
• Insurance
• Social media practices (2x)
• Creative folding
• Personalization
• Personalized recommendations
• Direct Mail stats
• Recruitment
• Over-targeting
• QR codes
• 3D printing (2x)
• Paper vs. electronic media (2x)
• Industry trends
• Instagram
• Sales
• Digital marketing
• Kindle

How does this compare with what we’re talking about today? Since I’m writing this in advance of February 2014, let’s look at last month’s content.

January 2014
• Generating content
• NFC tags
• Proofreading
• Postal increase
• Marketing ideas
• QR codes
• Customer service
• Automated web-to-print
• Content shock
• Kindle
• Cross-media
• Website management
• Print and mobile synergy
• Database errors in personalization
• Online marketing tips
• Green printing and direct mail (2x)

One thing you’ll notice is that we’ve kept at it. We’ve also explored key topics thoroughly — green printing, digital printing, technology, social media, and sales/marketing, for example.

Any thoughts/predictions on what we’ll be talking about in February 2015?

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