Time to Upgrade Your Datamax A-Class Printer

A-Class Mark II Print Engine If you use the original model of Datamax-O’Neil’s A-Class print engine, 2014 is an important year.

Manufacture of this print engine was discontinued in 2009 and at the end of 2014 factory support comes to an end. Obviously this doesn’t mean that your machine will stop working, but from December 2014, Datamax-O’Neil will no longer supply parts, offer technical support or provide firmware updates.

The good news is that the new A-Class Mark II is a perfect plug and play replacement for the original model.

The A-Class Mk II Line Up

The new A-Class retains exactly the same model range as the previous version:

4 inch wide models
A-4212 Mark II –  203 dpi/12 ips
A-4310 Mark II –  300 dpi /10 ips
A-4408 Mark II –  400 dpi /8 ips
A-4606 Mark II –  600 dpi /6 ips

6 inch wide models
A-6212 Mark II –  203 dpi /12 ips
A-6310 Mark II – 300 dpi /10 ips

Datamax A-Class Mark II

Datamax A-Class Mk II on IDT 250 LPA

Any A-Class Mark II can be equipped with UHF RFID encoding and can also be provided with the operator display mounted remotely.

Why Is The A-Class Mark II Better?

When the engineers at Datamax-O’Neil set out to design a replacement for the original A-Class they wanted to include some important improvements to make the new model a better value. Some of the enhanced features include…

Connectivity – Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet are all standard.
Optional wireless b/g
USB hub and SDIO option available

Fast printhead replacement, longer life printheads too!

Better remote display options for when the print engine is mounted in a hard to get to location. Improved graphics display module.

Quick platen roller replacement – just a few seconds to remove and replace.

Other enhancements:

  • Faster processor/more memory
  • Enhanced pinch roller for label control
  • Improved Zebra & Intermec emulation modes
  • Capacity for longer ribbon rolls
  • RFID option for all models

Datamax-O’Neil A-Class Mark II print engines are built in the USA in Orlando, Florida.

Regardless of whether your original A-Class print engine is mounted to an ID Technology or any other other Label Printer Applicator, 2014 is the year to upgrade.

Just want to update the print engine? We’ll be happy to do that for you, at special upgrade pricing. Want to upgrade your labeling system to one of our best selling Model 252′s? Yes, we can help you do that too.

Contact ID Technology at 817-626-7779 to get started!

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