The Long Term Cost of Software Decisions

Software is a such a big part of our business lives now. Virtually every decision we make has something to do with software.

I wish we all stepped back before we signed that next P.O. for a software investment and wrote down all the things that have to be present in order for you to use that software long-term.

You have to have staff that learn the software and then you have to keep that staff or re-train new staff. This is the most overlooked cost to software investments. I see printers buy 2-3 different web-to-print systems without thinking of the overhead of staffing that will create in the long run.

When you have your entire technical team’s budget wrapped up in maintaining and managing your legacy software decisions, its very hard to be innovative and react to new things in the marketplace.

Software doesn’t configure, implement, or maintain itself. People are still required – subscribing to software (SaaS) model greatly reduces your IT janitorial services (care and feeding of servers/bandwidth/etc.) but it doesn’t remove the burden of competent, qualified, and trained staff to interact with the solution.

Be cautious. Knee jerk investments can lead to a pile of legacy systems implemented for a few customers that build up a technical overhead that is unsustainable.

Look for solutions you can use widely across customers – when you buy something new, have a plan to retire the old.

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