The label industry moves towards waste to energy to deal with matrix waste stream


Dealing with the matrix waste stream is a long standing issue for the pressure sensitive label industry.  Recycling only works for most label printers in very very limited circumstances, and so landfill, at least in the UK has been the only practical route.  We have long campaigned on this issue (read our blog posts here and here as background) and resisted the “ship it to China” advice.

Earlier in 2013 we announced that we have completed a move to zero to landfill, with all of Mercian Labels’ waste being recycled or sent for fuel to make cement in a waste to energy route.  There have been 2 new announcements this week that show that the industry is following this trend:

These are good news stories for a long standing problem and we are delighted to be at the forefront of industry move to improve the environmental practices of the labelling industry.fuel

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