Text Sizes – 13th December 2014 Labelling Regulations



From the 13th December 2014, food labels will have to abide by the new regulations. One change is the font size on labelling. A lowercase ‘x’ will have to be at least 1.2mm tall. Obviously, all fonts have different sized letters depending on the style of the font. We have tested and found the minimum sized text allowed in the most popular fonts which abides by the new regulations.


Arial: 6.5

Arial Black: 6.5

Bradley Hand ICT: 7.5

Calibri: 7.5

Cambria: 7

Candara: 7

Century: 7.5

Comic sans MS: 6.5

Consolas: 7

Cooper Black: 7

Courier New: 8

Corbel: 7

Dotum: 6.5

Euphemia: 6.5

Franklin Gothic Medium: 7

Gadugi: 7

Impact: 5.5

Iskoola Pota: 7.5

Khmer UI: 7

Kristen ITC: 6

Lucida Console: 6.5

Segoe UI: 7

Tahoma: 6.5

Times New Roman: 7.5

Trebuchet MS: 7

Verdana: 6.5


To get around these regulations, it is highly likely that someone might create a font with an abnormally large lowercase ‘x’ to allow them to use smaller size fonts and the ‘x’ still be large enough to fit the regulations.

Here at Positive ID, we can produce labels to fit the new regulations with the appropriate nutritional information, allergens, font size and general information. These regulations must be met otherwise it can lead to prosecution. Therefore, buying new labels is a MUST!

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