Tell a Different Story: “I’ve Been Doing THIS for X Years”

Does it really mean anything to say, I’ve been doing “this” for 10, 20, 30 years, therefore you should consider me an expert? Can you think of one “this” that hasn’t changed dramatically in the last decade? Heck if you’re talking about technology or business, you only have to go back about six months to find tectonic changes that basically disrupt the whole landscape.

We have to tell a different story. If you’ve been doing the exact same thing for twenty plus years, I would not recommend you lead with that when you’re trying to sell your services. Change is the only thing that has been consistent, the rate of change is the accelerant we are all dealing with. How do we evaluate people based on what they can do today, instead of what they did yesterday? I think this is the REAL value in content marketing. Don’t tell me you know what you’re talking about – show me through the content you have published, the customers who talk about you on social media, and the success stories your customers tell.

I have been in this business forever… that makes me think you might be tired and bored of it. Maybe start with what you’re passionate about and if you’re truly passionate about something then write, speak, communicate about it in a manner that GIVES to the community – then you don’t have to sell yourself at all.

I am now of the age that I too can say, I’ve been doing “this” for a long time. I never lead with that – I always lead with what I have learned lately, and how that learning can apply to making my customers more successful. Change is nothing but opportunity, but it requires a tolerance for a steep lifelong learning curve. Stop telling me what you’ve been doing, start telling me what you’ve learned and how you’re applying it to help your customers succeed.

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