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Beyond the Bottle: How Water Packaging is Taking New Forms

In today’s episode of POW!, we take a look at how three water brands are embracing alternatives to the traditional plastic bottle for their packaging. With aluminum, paperboard, and flexible formats available, consumers have more options than ever for …

Multi-Plastics Launches New 100% Recyclable PET Shrink Films

Multi-Plastics has furthered its commitment to the environment with the release of its EnviroCycle 4200 Series shrink films. These 100% recyclable films offer the ability for shrink sleeves to be recycled along with the bottle.

How Bear Naked Granola Flexible Pouches Enter the Recycle Stream

While flexible packaging provides many environmental advantages, challenges around recyclability have been a key issue to overcome. In today’s episode of POW! we take a look at how Bear Naked granola has implemented a resealable pouch that is ready for…

Embracing Environmental Aspirations

As consumers and brands continue to push for more sustainable packaging, printers and converters have had to lead the charge in eco-conscious production.

World Centric’s Sustainable Packaging for Compostable Straws

With Earth Day around the corner, today’s episode of POW! features a sustainable take on an item that has received some consumer backlash in recent years. World Centric’s compostable straws are sure to speak to the eco-conscious consumer with a folding…

Nilpeter Launches FA-26 for the Flexible Packaging Segment

Nilpeter has announced the launch of the FA-26, a 26″ in-line flexo press for the flexible packaging segment. The press implements many of the same facets of Nilpeter’s label printing platform, making for a highly-automated flexible packaging solution.