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7 Ways to Incorporate Mobile into Your Next Event

These days, people are rarely far from their phones, and the smartphone has become an ubiquitous part of business culture. So, why not integrate smartphone use into your organization’s next conference? It is a great way to increase participation and awareness before, during, and after the event to keep your organization in front of your… Read More »

This QR Code Mistake Could Have Been Easily Avoided

Many of the arguments against using QR Codes to drive consumers from print to mobile have nothing to do with the QR Codes themselves. They have to do with the unnecessary mistakes on the part of those employing them. These mistakes are easily avoided, so whether you are adding QR Codes to direct mail, marketing… Read More »

A Peek at Kohl’s Multichannel Marketing Strategy

According to InfoTrends, marketers’ top two goals when it comes to their marketing communications are customer experience and customer loyalty (43% and 35% of marketers citing these as top marketing goals, respectively). Retailers are accomplishing this with smart, integrated, and personalized multichannel strategies that we can all learn from. One of these multichannel marketers is… Read More »

Cleaning Authority Does QR Codes Well

I am seeing more and more direct mail campaigns with QR Codes done well. Cleaning Authority provides yet another example of how you can use QR Codes to help your customers boost their direct mail results. Cleaning Authority is a national housecleaning service, and the other day, I received a simple self-folding mailer with a… Read More »

Does AR Need to Replace QR Code Use? Not Always

I have run across another great implementation of QR Codes, and while AR is advancing in leaps and bounds, I’m not sure there is a reason for it to replace QR Codes for every application. This is a good example of why. The QR Code was on a catalog, inviting shoppers to scan to shop.… Read More »

QR Codes: Do This, Not That!

When do I see QR Codes more and more these days? On plants, flowers, and seeds. It’s a perfect use for QR Codes, and if you’re printing packaging or collateral for suppliers of gardening products and they are not currently using QR Codes, perhaps it’s something you should suggest. HOWEVER, these QR Codes have to… Read More »

More Great Uses of QR Codes

The other week, I talked about recent data showing that QR Codes are far from being on their way out. In fact, the numbers show that their use is growing. As if on cue, I then saw QR Codes in several new places, and of course, I scanned them. The first was on the label… Read More »

QR Codes: What the Numbers REALLY Say

Lately, there has been a lot of talk that QR Codes are dead, that as a response mechanism they are passé in favor of sexier approaches like augmented reality (AR) and near-field communications (NFC). However, the data don’t support this claim. This week, I released a complete front-to-back update of “QR Codes: The Data Speaks,”… Read More »

5 Tips for Creating Must-Scan QR Codes

Whether it’s for your business, or for a customer, QR codes are a great way to add value to the pieces you print. Why are QR codes so valuable to print? Because they provide a quick and convenient way to connect your customers and prospects with content, and to track their interaction with your marketing… Read More »

QR Code / Mobile Game on Labels

Yesterday, we were out for a burger and I saw something interesting on a bottle of catsup. It was a QR Code that led to a game of mobile Trivial Pursuit to help us pass the time until the food arrived. I scanned the code, and instead of taking me to the game directly, it… Read More »