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So You Want To Be A 21st Century Marketing Services Provider? Then Act like one!

When I read how the 4Q Total annualized inflation adjusted dollar profits dropped 60% in the printing world I was not shocked. I have been aware of the steady decline in relevance print has relegated itself to in the marketing world. I remember a time when I would go to printers and ask them for… Read More »

Integrated Marketing Software: A Must-Have for 2015

No matter what type of industry, the ultimate goal is creating an organizational structure that is as efficient as possible. That’s where integrated marketing software comes in. Every print, mail, and fulfillment organization needs effective marketing that powerfully portrays their products or services, and captures their data and information in a central repository. However, with… Read More »

We Know Multichannel Works . . . Now What?

We all know multichannel marketing works. The question is no longer the value of that approach. It’s the challenges of selecting the right channels, integrating those channels, and the costs associated with doing it well. How much additional benefit do they get from adding channels in light of the amount of time, effort, and expertise… Read More »

MINI Cooper: Covert Data Gathering

I recently read a case study on a smart multichannel campaign by BMW utilizing personalized URLs. It’s an older campaign, but a good one, and there is an interesting lesson about the use of survey questions that we can all draw from. It’s true that consumers are becoming more and more comfortable giving out personal… Read More »

Want More Print Jobs? Add Mobile

Mobile is all around us, but too few printers are integrating mobile into their clients’ multichannel marketing campaigns. As the marketing environment continues to fragment, not offering the ability to integrate mobile is like sending your competition a hand-addressed invitation to woo your clients. Offering mobile integration in a multichannel world is a must. Here… Read More »

Personalized URLs Grow Up

I just released my update to “State of Personalized URLs,” my nutshell observations and analysis of the usage and best practices of personalized URLs. What do I see has changed in the past year? Deep integration with multichannel campaigns that include email, direct mail, and social media (particularly Facebook). Integration with broader campaigns. We still…

1:1 Printing Isn’t a Fix-All

Last week, I posted my nutshell summary of the state of 1:1 printing. My summary has solicited some reactions around the industry — some of them quite strong. One printer represents many others when he writes, Your summary of the past year may be valid in the digital info world in general, but absolutely off…

Innovation Ennui: Hidebound by History. Is Print’s Prudence proof of Paralysis?

Many years ago, when I was president of one of the first quick printing franchisor companies, a wise-man counseled me with this pearl — smart franchise companies know that almost allgood marketing ideas do not occur at franchise HQ, instead they happen on the front lines — in the franchised locations, as the result of […]

Utilizing Multi-Channel Marketing, the Right Way

What is Multi-Channel? Multi-channel marketing is the use of many different channels, such as direct mail, print, digital, and social media platforms, to spread one consistent, comprehensive, and effective marketing campaign. As a marketing or print service provider, it is important to promote the solutions that enhance the life of your brand as well as…

The Dos and Don’ts of Multi-Channel Marketing

Building a successful multi-channel marketing campaign is a bit like making a cake. For the recipe to be a success, you need to add all of the right ingredients. In order to help you do so, let’s take a look at some quick dos and don’ts for executing multi-channel campaigns that will keep your clients…