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Data-Driven Marketing: Where Are We Now?

When we look around, it feels as if there is more personalization occurring in marketing today. We hear more about it. We see it more in our inboxes and mailboxes. But what’s really happening on the ground? According to Forbes Insight’s new report: “Data-Driven and Customer-Centric: Marketers Turning Insights into Impact,” based on a survey… Read More »

Can Personalizing by City Be More Effective Than by Name?

The other day, I received a personalized postcard that caught my eye and made me think. It was a beach scene, with brightly colored beach chairs across the front. I live in the heartland, so at first I thought perhaps it was a travel promotion. The headline read, “Just our way of saying thanks, Bellefonte.”… Read More »

Why Are You Still Waiting on Personalized Content?

Are you still personalizing primarily by name and address? If that’s all you are doing, what is preventing you from digging deeper? I suppose “Customers won’t pay for it” might be the answer, and if so, what are you doing to make them want to? We’ve all seen the data, and it just keeps coming.… Read More »

Integrated Marketing Software: A Must-Have for 2015

No matter what type of industry, the ultimate goal is creating an organizational structure that is as efficient as possible. That’s where integrated marketing software comes in. Every print, mail, and fulfillment organization needs effective marketing that powerfully portrays their products or services, and captures their data and information in a central repository. However, with… Read More »

The Secrets to Multi-Channel Marketing Success

Multi-channel marketing campaigns are extremely beneficial to your organization as they allow you to get in contact with multiple target markets, where they actually want to be reached. However, creating an effective multi-channel marketing campaign that allows you to reach all of your audiences and grow sales leads for your business isn’t easy. It takes…

Comcast Bills Call Customers Nasty Names

Your client’s customer database — its most precious resource. Used for invoicing, customer communications, and as a critical source of data for their marketing list, the customer database is your client’s lifeblood. How easily can it be compromised? A recent Comcast horror story shows just how easily. One customer, Mary, continually had trouble with her…

To Moon! Variable-Data Printing Flies Into New Directions

Recently, I was working on a project for one of our clients, and in a marked-up Word document that came back to me was a comment that read, in part, “which came first, digital print or one-to-one marketing?” That got me thinking—which is always dangerous—and then some poking around—which is even more dangerous. Today’s notion…

Combating “Unsubscribes” with Direct Mail

I just read a fantastic case study from Data Services Inc. that reinforces the value of direct mail in a world going increasingly electronic. Direct mail goes (and succeeds) in places email cannot. That includes the world of unsubscribes. Belgium-based Outlet-Avenue, an online overstock retailer targeting younger, fashion-conscious consumers, was finding that it was losing…

The Right Data and the Right Time

Fall is here and the holiday season is upon us. For many businesses, this season correlates to the most profitable quarter of the fiscal year. Every year holiday spending numbers continue to grow as buyers become more and more informed on what businesses offer. It’s no coincidence that consumer spending has increased; the proliferation of…

Which Is at Fault? Lack of Education? Or Lack of Willingness?

Why aren’t we seeing more 1:1 printing in the marketplace? Why isn’t “everyone doing it”? Is it because there is a lack of marketer education? Or is it a lack of willingness to do what it takes to make 1:1 printing work (i.e. willingness to continue to do things “the way we’ve always done” because…