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Promoting Growth and Increasing Valuation with Investment in Technology

A plain truth for our commercial printing clients is that a company’s valuation is directly linked to its investment in technology. We think that investment in technology is just as crucial for producers of labels and packaging, but we wonder if the me…

Top Traits of the Most Attractive Companies

An “attractive” company is a well-managed company: one whose owner has kept it competitive by making the right decisions about market focus, technical capability, and customer relationships.

Fundamentals of Valuation for Sellers and Buyers

To the owner of a packaging or a printing business, there will always be something subjective about the idea of its value. But practical methods of business valuation do exist, and it’s wise for owners to incorporate them into their business strategies.

All in the Family: A Strategy for Selling Closely Held Businesses

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the printing industry, but when the time comes for closely held firms to put themselves up for sale, family ties don’t always pull in a helpful direction. With the right strategy in place however, family-owne…

A Post-Closing Checklist for a Successful M&A Integration

In an M&A transaction, navigating the sequence of events dictated by the closing process needs to be carefully managed so the parties involved can successfully reach the point where they can say, “Congratulations – we did it!”

M&A Due Diligence: Let the Buyer Be Sure

Executing due diligence the right way means drilling down into every layer of the business being acquired, with no room for guesswork or assumptions.
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Mining Sources of Capital for Growth by Acquisition

Anyone who owns a printing company today is an owner who should be planning either to sell it or to grow it. Today, the straightest path to growth is through mergers and acquisitions in a market that remains very receptive to these transactions. We see…

V is for Valuation

No sale can succeed for the seller without a clear-eyed understanding of what the business is really — meaning really — worth. Here’s a primer on this essential subject.
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Commentary: Peter Schaefer on Cenveo Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

Peter Schaefer, a partner with printing industry M&A and investment banking firm New Direction Partners, describes the recent Cenveo Chapter 11 bankruptcy announcement and how it will impact the company, its suppliers and future contracts.
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The Anatomies of Acquisition: A Primer

It’s an appeal for help that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing at New Direction Partners: “My sales are flat. We aren’t moving in the right direction as a business. I know I should be thinking about acquiring another company — but what kind of company, and how?”

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