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The autumn months are always a very important time for us and no more so than this year, especially for our Quality Manager, Karl Shilton. You see, for Karl, autumn is all about the Auditor Visits! And one in particular is our annual BRCGS audit. The audit this year was going to be especially testing, […]

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WHY PROGRESSIVE BUSINESSES ARE FOLLOWING THE LATEST TREND     What is TBL I hear you ask?   It’s Triple Bottom Line and it’s a theory created by Jon Elkington back in 1994. In 2018 he described it as a sustainability framework that examines a company’s social, environment, and economic impact’ Unlike bottom line, Triple […]

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…” I have never seen this level of control in the Quality Management “…     Mercian Labels are delighted to announce that, once again, we have achieved top marks and passed our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Accreditation and ISO 17712:2013 Security Labels Accreditation audits with flying colours. We had ZERO non-conformances on both standards. […]

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Food Labelling Regulations

Many people will be aware that any type of food being manufactured for sale in the UK must be labelled in accordance with British Standards, laid out by the UK Government. What some may not know though, is the reasons why these Labels are so important.   It’s a fact that any product label can […]

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It’s All About The Colour…

The Importance of Colours Irrespective of the size of the order you are placing, the colours you choose to use in your label design are critical! This is your Company’s Brand and one being represented by a product or packaging label in this case. Colour can make or break a design and the impact and […]

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Label Adhesives Guide – Types

Selecting the right adhesive can be daunting & confusing to say the least. How many times has your Label Manufacturer asked you what type of adhesive you require? Where is the label going to be used and what for? Do you want permanent, removeable, high tack? All these questions and all you want is a […]

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Label Finishes 101

The Ultimate Guide To Laminates, Varnishes and UV Coatings   You have created an amazing label design, but when you take the bottle out of the freezer your beautiful label has cracked!  You get the idea – what is the point of creating such an amazing design when the label materials themselves are not up […]

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I just want a label…

If you have a retail business, then there is only one thing more important than your product, and that is how you package that product. Quite simply, product packaging has the single biggest impact on a consumer’s decision when it comes to buying. Just think about it, your packaging needs to communicate a lot of […]

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