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Benchmarking with PRINTING United Alliance’s Performance Ratios

In print, the best practices have been evolving for years across a diverse group of segments and there are plenty of lessons to be learned. Benchmarking against industry leaders and the average companies provides invaluable insight and can set a strugg…

Insights into Enterprises’ Demand Gen Efforts (Study)

For the past three years, Annuitas has released its Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Study, which seeks to document the strategies, objectives, and goals of marketers working in enterprise organizations with revenues of $250 million and above. Here are some key takeaways for printers and MSPs serving (or looking to serve) this marketplace: Marketers continue to… Read More »

8 Steps Towards a Successful Transformation

The following is an excerpt from my book, “Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry.”  To read the full book, or to contact me directly with any questions, comments, or feedback, please email me at JohnF@interlinkONE.com – I’d love to connect with you! When you make the decision to undertake the… Read More »

Critical multichannel, print, and other stats you need to know

Looking for some stats on multichannel marketing, the value of print, and mobile marketing to throw into presentations, pepper your client conversations, or include in your print marketing or e-newsletters? Here are some interesting data I’ve run across recently that you might find useful. Multichannel Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those… Read More »

Why You Need to Know Your Forest Stats

Earlier this week, I stopped into my local Verizon Wireless store to pay my bill and save a stamp. After making my payment, the salesperson went to print my receipt, and while he was away from the desk, I received one by text. When he got back, I joked about the double receipt and said… Read More »

Do You Know What’s Happening in the C-Suite?

As printers increasingly transition into marketing services providers, it’s critical to understand what is happening in the C-Suite, or the senior executives within a company. Specifically for our industry, we are interested in the marketing and business development executives. To this end, IBM’s “Redefining Markets: Insights from the C-Suite Study,” provides a mother load. The… Read More »

Ouch! Insights from your customers at the local level

Borrell is working on its annual SMB Marketing Survey again, and early results are in. They are fascinating, and since SMBs make up a high percentage of Digital Nirvana readers’ customer bases, I wanted to share some of them with you. The survey was launched in April and wraps up June 30, so these are… Read More »

Must Have Data for Multichannel Marketing

If you are doing multichannel marketing and haven’t seen Neilsen’s new report “Comparable Metrics: Q4 2015,” just released yesterday, then you need to download a copy. The report includes a wide variety of digital media, including TV, radio, TV connected devices, and PCs. But what strikes me most in this report is the data on… Read More »

Storytelling in the Business World

Recently I’ve been thinking about why stories are so important to the growth and development of an organization. How do stories have such a profound ability to influence the way we think, and why do they matter so much to a brand’s identity? I started listing what it is that draws me to a story,… Read More »