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Case Identification – Which Technology?

Introduction Modern packaging lines often have to be able to handle a wide range of products and package types. End-of-line case marking has had to become flexible as well in order to cost effectively identify secondary packaging by date, lot, quantity, barcode, and other information. Quite often each package is uniquely identified to meet traceability […]

Help with FDA UDI Compliance

This week we got together with a very motivated group of medical device manufacturers, as well as friends from Zebra Technologies and Flexcon, to discuss how to come up with a plan to meet the FDA’s new UDI Rule. Since the ruling was only published in late September, there were a lot of great questions […]

Labels for Memjet Printers

In the world of colour label printing, Memjet is the technology that seems to be catching on the fastest. There are a lot of Memjet label printers out there, including the VP700 that we can provide. Of course, having a printer with all the capabilities of the Memjet process is of no use without high […]

Logmatix Labels for DoD Contractors

We have been printing and encoding labels for defense contractors for a long time, but as part of our acquisition by ID Technology, we are consolidating some of our printed and encoded labels under our Logmatix® brand. Logmatix® is the print bureau business of ID Technology and includes a wide range of variable information label […]

Are You Supporting Movember 2013?

It’s that time of year again – time to kick off Movember. For the last few years we have organized a Winco ID team, now we are part of ID Technology, things are bigger! The new ID Technology Movember team is MO Technology and we are looking to have our best year yet. To make […]

Laser Marking for Medical Device Products

Manufacturers of components for medical devices need to mark their products and packaging for a number of reasons; to identify the product, to add instructions for use, and to enable tracking and traceability.  Now that the FDA UDI rule has become final, a more standardized approach to marking medical device products is required, making recalls […]