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Want More Business? Create a New Market!

Need more business? Help your client create a new market. That’s what The Standard Group (Reading and Lancaster, PA) did in partnering with Fig magazine. Fig Lancaster is part city directory, part high-end magazine, and part local community. The publication uses high-end photography and design to promote businesses in the Lancaster, PA, area. It was… Read More »

Do You Know What’s Happening in the C-Suite?

As printers increasingly transition into marketing services providers, it’s critical to understand what is happening in the C-Suite, or the senior executives within a company. Specifically for our industry, we are interested in the marketing and business development executives. To this end, IBM’s “Redefining Markets: Insights from the C-Suite Study,” provides a mother load. The… Read More »

Stasis in Direct Mail Formats . . . An Opportunity?

Mintel Comperemedia, which aggregates and analyzes direct mail data from around the industry, recently did an assessment of direct mail over a three-year period.  It looked at estimated mail volume, use of digital response mechanisms, and spend across nine sectors. The report, titled “Trends in Direct Mail and Digital Integration,” has one overarching theme—stasis. Considering… Read More »

A Whole New Ballgame

People of a certain age—and people older than me, for once—have fond memories of the prizes that used to come in boxes of Cracker Jack, the snack food consisting of molasses-flavored, caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts. These folks were likely disheartened by the announcement in April that Frito-Lay (the current owners of Cracker Jack) are doing… Read More »

Wait! Before You Launch That Print Newsletter . . .

As more and more printers invest in content marketing, I’d like to stop for a moment and ask, “What are you trying to accomplish?” Before you launch that fall marketing campaign (which should be in the works now), it’s important to know who you are, who your target audience is, and what you are trying… Read More »

How This Direct Mailer Almost Got It Right

Yesterday, my husband teased me that I’d gotten a direct mailer from the Baltimore County Department of Aging. Not him — just me. Okay, the years are creeping by, but I’m not close to retirement age yet.  Plus, we don’t even live in Baltimore County. When we officially get “old,” we’ll be creeping our walkers… Read More »

Maintaining Consistency in Marketing

In today’s modern marketing world, businesses of all kinds have cornered the ways to disrupt and attract customers from one competitor to the next. With information so readily available, anyone can track who and how a business attracts and maintains customers. Unfortunately, there’s no golden secret to uncover; when it comes to effective marketing in… Read More »

It’s About Time

About 10 years ago, the battery in my wristwatch died. It was one of those watches that didn’t have a user-replaceable battery; it needed to be taken to a jeweler’s, and—given my penchant for both cheapness and laziness—I never quite got around to it. But at the time, I was routinely carrying a mobile phone… Read More »

Inkjet Color Training – What Can It Do For You?

Although you have been in the printing business for many years and quite successful using offset or toner-based technology, when you make a transition to production inkjet technology, there are new skills to be learned—one of which is color management.  Color management is a holistic process with inkjet technology.  It starts when the design is… Read More »

Kahanec: Inkjet Changes Everything

As we near drupa 2016, I had an opportunity to interview Cheryl Kahanec, Earth Color’s EVP Digital, about what she was looking forward to most. Her answer was unequivocal: high-speed inkjet. Why? Not just because drupa offers the opportunity to see so much technology in action, but because it provides an opportunity to take a… Read More »