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A Nose By Any Other Name…

Last month, the Saratoga Shakespeare Company kicked off its annual “Shakespeare in the Park” performances up here in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. They are doing Romeo and Juliet in August, but the July performance was actually “Rostand in the Park,” a production—and a highly enjoyable one—of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, the 1897 play about the proboscally prodigious swordsman and… Read More »

Tale of two AR campaigns

Last time, I touched on how, in this industry, we are essentially chasing augmented reality (AR) from behind. What we see on product packaging and the retail shelves is what was being produced months ago. By the time it shows up for us to see, it’s already out of date. MJ Anderson, CMO of Trekk,… Read More »

Chasing AR from behind

The other day, I had a conversation with MJ Anderson, CMO of Trekk, one of the companies on the forefront of mobile technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with a focus on how they drive the world of print. A lot happened in that conversation, but there is one point I’d like… Read More »

How to Turn Your Website into Your Top Sales Rep

The gap between your print business and the digital world is shrinking…fast. The fact is, your customers are out surfing the web right now, sharing stories on social media, utilizing Web-to-print solutions and possibly researching your print business. An effective website not only sends your customers a message about your business and brand, it can… Read More »

Consumers: We’re Tired of Being Pressured to Go Digital Only

Is it just me? Or are you tired to being pushed into digital-only communications from the companies you work with? If so, a new study shows that we’re not alone. According to the study, commissioned by Two Sides and conducted by Toluna Inc., 79% of respondents want the option to continue receiving printed information as… Read More »

The Inkjet Opportunity: A Guide to Help You Transition Your Business to Inkjet Technology

Investing in a production inkjet press is a sizable investment, typically costing one to five million dollars for continuous feed color presses. Although today there are lower cost cutsheet inkjet presses with an acquisition price of less than one million dollars, making the transition from either offset or digital toner can be a daunting process.… Read More »

Re-Targeting as Part of the Multichannel Mix

Retargeting has been around for awhile, but I’m starting to hear about it more and more. Increasingly, it has become an important part of the multichannel marketing mix (including those that include print) and important for MSPs to understand. As an MSP, your goal is to generate campaigns that get results. Particularly on the front… Read More »

Heavens to Betsy!

One of the thorniest issues in modern electronic publishing has been the traditional problem of converting on-screen colors (RGB) to printable colors (CMYK). We often hear of difficulty matching certain brand colors, but there is actually another popular and important set of colors that can’t be completely reproduced using either RGB or CMYK colors. Know… Read More »

Join the Debate: What Would You Do in This Situation?

What would you do in this scenario? A client moves all of its printing to China and you lose all of your work from the company. Several years later, a young “sourcing analyst” contacts you and asks for a quote on an item you haven’t printed for them since 2013. You provide a fair price,… Read More »

What’s Your Company’s Value?

When considering how you’re going to market and position your business, always keep in mind one simple fact: your customers want you to make their companies and lives better. Does your marketing clearly let them know how you can do just that? Or are you merely telling them facts about how great your products are… Read More »