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8 Steps Towards a Successful Transformation

The following is an excerpt from my book, “Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry.”  To read the full book, or to contact me directly with any questions, comments, or feedback, please email me at JohnF@interlinkONE.com – I’d love to connect with you! When you make the decision to undertake the… Read More »

Home Depot Water Test Uses QR Codes Well

After checking out of Home Depot, I walked into a QR Code — almost literally. The big white sign with giant red letters read, “Free Water Test for Home Owners. Watch this video.” I scanned the QR Code, which led me directly to a short informative video that told me what the water test was,… Read More »

3 Ways to Use Pokémon GO to Get More Print

Looking to give your customers more reason to print? Try Pokémon Go. That might sound like a strange combination, but I just read an interesting article on SuccessfulMeetings.com that offered a number of suggestions for incorporating Pokémon Go into a successful meeting strategy. A number of those suggestions just happen to involve print. Not only… Read More »

A Serpentine Tale with a Photo Finish

I confess I rarely spend more than a few seconds a week on Facebook, but the germ—and final chapter—of this essay came from a linked story I fortuitously happened to catch, posted by that modern-day wizard of light and glass, Andrew Gordon. The other day, someone asked me, “what’s the good word?” and my usual response is… Read More »

A Peek at Kohl’s Multichannel Marketing Strategy

According to InfoTrends, marketers’ top two goals when it comes to their marketing communications are customer experience and customer loyalty (43% and 35% of marketers citing these as top marketing goals, respectively). Retailers are accomplishing this with smart, integrated, and personalized multichannel strategies that we can all learn from. One of these multichannel marketers is… Read More »

The Impact of Paper and Ink on Inkjet Color

By: John Crumbaugh, Senior Marketing Specialist, Canon Solutions America Here’s a bold statement—the first color you have to consider managing when using inkjet technology is the paper. Inkjet is not a four-color process. It’s a five-color process. How can that be? Consider the three main print technologies of offset, toner, and inkjet. When printing on… Read More »

5 Ways to Make the Most of Online Marketing

Marketing online is much more than opening a website or starting a social media account. While it is true that these things can help you reach your audience, there’s an art to bringing in new visitors. Too many business owners have the idea that an online presence will bring in sales or new clients within… Read More »

Cleaning Authority Does QR Codes Well

I am seeing more and more direct mail campaigns with QR Codes done well. Cleaning Authority provides yet another example of how you can use QR Codes to help your customers boost their direct mail results. Cleaning Authority is a national housecleaning service, and the other day, I received a simple self-folding mailer with a… Read More »

Olympic Printing?

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in their final weekend, another slate of medalists goes into the record books, and Michael Phelps returns to his tank at SeaWorld, cups and all. Truthfully, though, I can’t say I’m much of an Olympics fan (although I do like the Winter Games marginally more), but I probably would be… Read More »

Why You Need to Know Your Forest Stats

Earlier this week, I stopped into my local Verizon Wireless store to pay my bill and save a stamp. After making my payment, the salesperson went to print my receipt, and while he was away from the desk, I received one by text. When he got back, I joked about the double receipt and said… Read More »