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Loctite’s Smart Use of QR Code to Mobile Video

I’m a Gorilla Glue girl. For all my household and furniture restoration projects, I’ve always used it. But this time, I wanted to glue metal to wood. Was it really the best — still — after all these years? I started turning over super glue packaging to see if I could find. What I found… Read More »

Is It Time to Teach Customers About Offset?

I read a blog post the other day that made me feel really old.  It was from an MSP seeking to educate its customers and prospects about . . . offset. As a former editor-in-chief of Printing News “back in the day” (the early 1990s), this was kind of shocking to the senses. The first… Read More »

Thankful for Innovation — Two Great Examples of Interactive Print

This week, I came across two innovative examples of interactive technologies used in print. Both were in magazines, but the concept can certainly be applied to high-value print products like annual reports, promotional kits, and catalogs, too. The first example comes from “Allure” magazine, which worked with its creative partner, BlueSoHo, Quad/Graphics’ integrated marketing agency,… Read More »

Is Data Part of Your Company Culture?

Recently, Oracle put out its “3 Irrefutable Data-Driven Marketing Facts.” Number one was that it starts with the company culture. While sounding overly simplistic it’s actually true. Company culture starts from the top down. If data-driven marketing isn’t fundamentally part of what drives your company, it won’t be sustainable or maximally effective. I took the… Read More »

Poll Position

We’re in the home stretch, folks—The Election That Won’t End is finally on its last legs. Pundits have referred to this year’s contest as the “Twitter election,” for better or worse, but that shouldn’t be surprising. New communications technologies—even though Twitter isn’t really all that new at this point—have always played roles in politics, and… Read More »

7 Ways to Incorporate Mobile into Your Next Event

These days, people are rarely far from their phones, and the smartphone has become an ubiquitous part of business culture. So, why not integrate smartphone use into your organization’s next conference? It is a great way to increase participation and awareness before, during, and after the event to keep your organization in front of your… Read More »

Things to Watch for When Evaluating Digital Press Contracts (Part 2)

Last week, I posted the first half of a checklist of things that, based on their experiences, print shops have noted to watch for when evaluating contracts for a new digital press. This is not to suggest that these “hidden” issues are rampant among digital press vendors. Only that they can pop up here and… Read More »

Let’s Drink to Paper!

Trade show season has come and gone (for some of us), and every time I travel I can’t help but notice that the most popular drink on an airplane seems to be the Bloody Mary. It’s not a drink one sees people drinking often in one’s neighborhood bar (not that I pay an awful lot of… Read More »

Things to Watch for When Evaluating Digital Press Contracts (Part 1)

Looking to invest in a new digital press? Wondering what to watch out for when evaluating the contracts of potential vendors? Here is a checklist from printers who have made this investment based on their personal experiences. This is not to suggest that these “hidden” issues are rampant among digital press vendors. Only that they… Read More »

Direct Marketing Snapshot by Market Vertical

What’s happening in the world of direct mail and email in the key market sectors? According to the Direct Marketing Snapshot (August 2016) from Mintel Comperemedia, things are looking very stable. But clearly, some market verticals are faring better than others. Between May 2015 – August 2016, direct mail volumes (acquisition and customer mail, excluding… Read More »