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Promoting Growth and Increasing Valuation with Investment in Technology

A plain truth for our commercial printing clients is that a company’s valuation is directly linked to its investment in technology. We think that investment in technology is just as crucial for producers of labels and packaging, but we wonder if the me…

Xerox Secures $24B in Financing Commitments for Proposed HP Acquisition

Xerox Holdings sent a letter to the Board of Directors of HP Inc. and issued a press release Jan. 6, confirming that it has obtained $24 billion in binding financing commitments from Citi, Mizuho, and Bank of America to complete its proposed $33.5 bill…

Top Traits of the Most Attractive Companies

An “attractive” company is a well-managed company: one whose owner has kept it competitive by making the right decisions about market focus, technical capability, and customer relationships.

Inovar Packaging Group Acquires Flexo-Graphics

Inovar Packaging Group has acquired Flexo-Graphics, its first platform company in the Midwest Region that adds to its existing manufacturing footprint in New England, the Southwest, and the Southeast. The company is executing on a strategic plan for gr…

Fundamentals of Valuation for Sellers and Buyers

To the owner of a packaging or a printing business, there will always be something subjective about the idea of its value. But practical methods of business valuation do exist, and it’s wise for owners to incorporate them into their business strategies.

Industry Leaders Applaud SGIA Acquisition of NAPCO Media

Since the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) acquisition of NAPCO Media was announced, the news of the deal has garnered significant praise in the industry. The collaboration between SGIA and NAPCO Media began with the launch of the PRINTIN…

PCMC Acquires RDP Marathon and IPT Digital

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) has announced its acquisitions of RDP Marathon and IPT Digital. The acquisitions expand PCMC’s offerings into the digital printing technology realm.

SGIA and NAPCO Media Leaders Discuss Impact of Acquisition

Following last week’s news that SGIA acquired NAPCO Media, the parent company of Packaging Impressions, SGIA CEO Ford Bowers and NAPCO Media President Dave Leskusky discussed the acquisition in further detail and the impact it will have on the industri…