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Maintaining Profitability in Print Post COVID-19

The staggered reopening of businesses and local economies may hinder the return of some print providers’ production volumes. A recent NAPCO Research report offers essential trends and strategies to help print service providers drive profitability into …

New PRINTING United Format Offers New Opportunities for Exhibitors

PRINTING United will be a comprehensive online experience this October and in-person once again in October 2021. Exhibitors learned of the sequence of events that led to the change in a news-breaking online announcement on June 24.

Meeting the Need: Printers Step Up to Fight COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, many printers have shown commitment to their communities and the flexibility to adapt to the most pressing needs. Here are the stories of just a few stepping up to help fight COVID-19.

Linnea Keen Appointed as TLMI’s Next President

The TLMI Board of Directors has announced that Linnea Keen will take over as the association’s next president. Keen, whose career in the industry spans multiple decades with UPM Raflatac, has previously served on the TLMI Board of Directors and Environ…

How Faces Behind Masks Uses Digital Printing to Bring the Human Touch Back to Hospitals

When Rafi Albo saw an opportunity to use his digital printing expertise to benefit people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, Faces Behind Masks was born. The non-profit initiative connects digital printers to medical professionals to produce sticker…

The Shifting Packaging Needs of Small Brands

Small, boutique, and local brands already had unique packaging needs. But as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the retail landscape, brands and their printing partners are collaborating to adjust.