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An Opportunity to Change the Industry for the Better

The SGIA/NAPCO Media partnership provided the tools to create something credible and strategic. PRINTING United is that something.
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Flexible Packaging Continues to Connect with Brands and Consumers

With its convenience factors, sustainability attributes, strong graphics, and new market opportunities, flexible packaging has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry. In our latest State of the Industry report, package…

For the Love of the Game

PRINTING United is more than just one more trade show. It’s a strategic response to market needs. OEMs have less marketing dollars at their disposal and printers have less time to spend away from their facilities.
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WATCH: Judges Discuss the 32nd Annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards

Last week, five judges with industry expertise spanning multiple segments of the package printing industry visited packagePRINTING’s Philadelphia headquarters to judge the 32nd annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards. Take a look at this glimpse of th…

Flexible Packaging Shines With Graphical Advancements

Welcome to the final edition of the Road Map of Progress series, which reveals insights that our reporter Patrick Henry learned from subject matter experts in each packaging segment. This week, Mark Mazur, consultant; chair of the FIRST committee, Flex…

Mondi to Expand in U.S. for Increased Flat-Bottom Bag Production

Citing increases in demand for flexible packaging, Mondi is expanding its U.S. operations for increased flat-bottom bag production. Mondi is targeting the food, pet food and home and personal care markets for these flexible packaging applications.
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Heavy-Duty: Labels Ready for the Long Haul

Industrial labels may not be as flashy as their CPG counterparts, but they play an essential role in a variety of products, and require the utmost care during the printing process.
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Set a Strong Cultural Foundation

There’s no denying the importance of the technical side of the printing industry. But sometimes, it’s important to take a step back for a reminder that human resources are a company’s most valuable resources and are the building blocks for its success….