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Excellence Awards Highlight: Control Group Amazes with Fresnel Lens

When looking at the packaging Control Group produced for Gillette’s Venus Swirl razor, the image of the razor’s “Flexi Ball” appears to jump out from the substrate as a three-dimensional object. However, it was the use of a Fresnel lens that created th…

Package of Month: Whirlybird Pouch Provides Snacking on the Go

Welcome to packagePRINTING’s new video series, “Package of the Month,” where we highlight packaging samples that we feel deserve some special recognition. This episode features a flexible pouch for Whirlybird Granola, which is a great example of how fl…

Q&A: How Acquisition of BLUE Software Helps Esko’s Connection Throughout the Packaging Supply Chain

Heidi Larsen, VP, brand integration leader, for Esko, spoke with packagePRINTING about Esko’s recent acquisition of BLUE Software, and how the acquisition will help improve the packaging management process throughout the supply chain.
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Targeting Millennials & Gen Z with Packaging

These generations have different characteristics than those that came before them, and with that varying packaging and product preferences.
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What Do Social Media Influencers Look for in Packaging?

As more people turn to social media to gather information, “social media influencers” will play an important role in steering buying decisions. A panel of fashion and beauty bloggers and brand ambassadors discussed their personal packaging preferences….

6 Award-Winning Wine Labels with Strong Shelf Presence

While it’s important for any label or package to be attractive to consumers, wine labels in particular have an extremely important job. Since consumers don’t often know which brand they’ll choose when shopping for wine, an eye-catching label can be the…

Flexible Packaging Evolves to Meet Brand and Consumer Needs

Consumer lifestyles are changing the ways they interact with products and packaging, leading to a slew of innovations in flexible packaging.
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FPA Announces 2018 Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Winners

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) has announced the winners of its 62nd Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. The winning entries were revealed on March 13, during an awards ceremony at the Flexible Packaging Association’s An…

[VIDEO] Diamond Packaging’s Capabilities Shine with Year-Round Calendar

Diamond Packaging, based in Rochester, N.Y., has an annual tradition of designing and producing embellished calendars to send to customers, prospects, suppliers, industry professionals and media contacts. The staying power of a high-quality, year-long …

Chile Targets Packaging in Battle Against Obesity Epidemic

In Chile, packaging considerations have become a heavy means for the country to curtail a crisis that has led the health ministry to categorize three quarters of adults and more than half of 6-year-old children overweight or obese.
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