Shipping Label and Packing Slip Automation

If your company has to ship products, there are a couple of things that always have to take place.

Print and apply the correct shipping label to the shipment and also make sure a packing slip (or invoice) is included.

The packaging slip can be folded and placed inside the package – either by hand or needing investment in automation – or fixed to the outside, again manually or automatically.

With the growth of e-commerce, just about every manufacturing company is needing to ship more items, making this an important area to improve efficiencies.

Our NextStep labeling solution, from Panther, combines the label and packaging slip into a single printed item, allowing the process to be automated – right at the point the label is needed.

As well as making things simple for your operators, because NextStep prints the label/packaging slip in real-time, right before application to the product, it eliminates any possibility of the label and packaging slip being mismatched or being placed on. the wrong package.

The Steps of NextStep

The beauty of NextStep is that the combination label/packing slip can be automatically applied to your package by our Panther applicator.

In this video, Tony Duran explains NextStep in much more detail and you can see it in action:

How could this concept help make your shipping process more efficient and reduce the probability of errors?

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