Reinventing Print and Apply Labeling

Print and apply labeling can be a challenge, with conflicting wishes.

More output at higher conveyor speeds, less downtime, better print quality – especially for GS1 barcodes, and make things easier for the operator.

Checking all of these boxes in one piece of equipment has been difficult in the past, but the brand-new ID Technology 258 label printer applicator solves all of these issues.

Designed to accurately print and apply a compliant GS1 barcode label to cases and trays, 258 uses ID Technology’s patented CrossMerge™ applicator. CrossMerge allows the labels to feed in the orientation to give lower print speeds and higher print quality, then changes the motion to apply the label in the best orientation for accurate and secure label application.

It is simple to set a pair of 258s for zero-downtime labeling

By printing the labels in landscape orientation, crossmatch maximizes the number of labels on the role parentheses twice as many in some cases) and allows the print engine to run slower than would normally be the case.

While CrossMerge is a large part of the 258 innovation, it doesn’t stop there.

The 258 print apply labeling uses a unique new operator interface – basically a single multifunction button, what could possibly be easier?

This ensures that even new or relatively untrained operators don’t have to learn a complicated HDMI interface, letting them be really productive right away.

To further help the operators, the innovative integrated mounting stand allows the complete machine to be rotated away from the conveyor. This ensures ease of loading new labels and thermal ribbons to the machine and keeping the operator away from moving conveyor parts.

The crossmatch module itself also pivots out of the way giving even more access for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Looking to reduce maintenance to an absolute minimum? Two 258 machines can easily be configured as a zero downtime pair – switching between machines as labels run out to keep production moving. Being able to swing the labelers away from the conveyor for replenishing labels is particularly important while the other machine is operating and product is moving through the line.

Check out our animated video of how the new 258 print/apply labeler works – it is perfect for printing and applying labels to you cases and trays, ensuring accurate labeling with the best GS1 barcode quality every time!

Want to learn more about the 258 or our other ID Technology and Panther labeling systems? Just contact me at and we’ll get one of our local experts to help you get started!

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