QR Code that Works!

In contrast to QR Codes that take you nowhere and that legitimately draw the disdain of the QR-skeptical, I ran across a great use for QR Codes that, even if you aren’t going to use them on beverage labels, might spark some ideas for your clients.

IMG_2555I recently was intrigued by a package of Angry Orchard hard cider. I hadn’t run across the brand before, so it came home with me. On the label was a QR Code. I scanned it, of course.

There were no instructions with the code, so there was an assumption that the brand’s audience understands and uses QR Codes. Either that or they were seeking response from a specific demographic within their broader customer base — a more tech-savvy demographic for whom no explanation was necessary.

Upon landing on the microsite, I found a well designed and very interesting microsite. It contained an invitation to connect with talking trees, a store locator, and links to visit trees in flavors offered by the brand beyond what was on the shelf at that particular store. Apple Ginger — who knew?

I had no idea what to expect from the talking trees, so I clicked through the link for crisp apple and was posed with the question: “How do you like your apples?” I typed in, “In applesauce cookies, of course.” I could then hear the tree speak it back in animation a la Lord of the Rings to me only or I could post the animation via social media.

Also available was a flavor profile, which gave me ABV, color, and food pairings I never would have thought of, such as Thai red curry with coconut milk and earthy spices, as well as more mainstream “steak and cheese, with slightly charred onions and peppers that add smoke to contrast the sweetness of the apple.”

So here we have a great use of QR Codes to draw in a specific demographic and give them something of value — entertainment relevant to that demographic, entertainment that is interesting enough that that demographic will want to share it (while simultaneously promoting the brand), product information relevant to that audience, and cross-sales information in an interesting and relevant way that is interesting rather than heavy-handed.

I just thought this site was very well done and shows that QR Codes do have an important and very relevant place in mainstream marketing.

This labelling news was spotted at The Digital Nirvana
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