Personalized Wine Labels

Personalized Wine Labels If you need to produce short runs of labels for wine bottles (or anything else) getting great quality printing at a sensible price has always been a challenge.

This has changed with the introduction of the new VP700 Memjet powered label printer from ID Technology.

The VP700 is able to produce glorious colour labels at 1600 x 1600 DPI resolution, quickly and simply. This makes it perfect for any business that needs to print a lot of variations on a common label theme – personalized labels for weddings or other events being just one example.

The label I was printing today is a template we had designed for the Wine and Grape Symposium, held recently in Sacramento. We exhibited the VP700 at the show and it received a lot of attention from wine industry people.

For producing this kind of label, I like to use BarTender software from Seagull Scientific. This is the same software I use for barcode labels that we print on our thermal transfer printers.

With BarTender is is easy to import graphics into the labels and also add text (using any Truetype font that is installed on the computer) and barcodes as required.

To personalize the labels, fields can be set up to prompt the user to enter the variable data at the time of printing or data can be imported from a database – a list of the names of event attendees can be populated from Excel, for instance.

Personalized Wine Labels BarTender

Wine Label in BarTender

The VP700 printer uses Memjet technology and is the first colour label printer I’ve gotten excited about. It is perfect for on-demand printing of colour labels for all kinds of things. If you think one of these might work in your wine (or any other) company, let us know. We’ll be happy to print some samples using your artwork and send you a video of your labels being printed.

In the event your volumes of labels don’t justify buying the printer hardware, we can print the labels for you in one of our fully equipped locations.

Want to improve your labeling or product identification? Call ID Technology at 817-626-7779 or you can contact me directly at

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