Enfocus solves PDF missing fonts problem with PitStop Font Fix

Enfocus today announces PitStop FontFix, the new Adobe Acrobat Pro and Standard plug-in that checks and replaces fonts missing from PDF files. PDF is an extremely popular file format used by a wide range of markets worldwide, including graphic arts, government, corporate, office, financial and medical. To celebrate the release, Enfocus is making the Font Fix solution available to customers for free. To get their copy, customers simply share their thoughts on social media.
As PDF files have grown in popularity, so has the problem of missing fonts. Users in all of these markets experience the challenge that comes from managing a PDF file that is missing correct fonts.
PitStop Font Fix is the result of an agreement between Enfocus, the leading software developer of tools to control the quality of PDF files, and Monotype, a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise. With the new PitStop Font Fix plug-in, users can check their PDFs for missing fonts and make simple corrections. If fonts are missing, users can simply embed them from fonts available on their computer system, or by downloading them from Monotype Baseline, a cloud-based font library. Here’s how it works:
  • Visit the Enfocus PitStop Font Fix link (www.enfocus.com/en/products/pitstop-font-fix ) and click the “Get It Now” button.
  • Write a personal message or use the Enfocus’ suggested post:  “I fixed fonts in my PDF file with PitStop Font Fix!” Then share the update on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, xing en vkontakte).
  • Download and install the plugin (Macintosh and Windows) into Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Standard.
Once users have installed the plug-in and registered for a free Monotype Baseline account, they can embed as many local system fonts as they want. By creating an account on the Monotype Baseline platform, users get access to a massive font library. This Monotype library holds over 60,000 fonts of various types, including Adobe Type 1 fonts. As a start, users receive 10 free tokens enabling them to embed 10 fonts absolutely free of charge.  After that, additional fonts can be purchased via the Monotype website at $0.39 per font. This exceptional promotional offer is valid until the last day of this year.

MPS salutes Finat label award winners : Pragati Pack wins Two Awards

MPS today announced their recognition of three customers, Doga Etiket, Pragati Pack, and Arca Etichette, all award winners at the recent 34th FINAT label awards competition in the marketing/end-uses group for labels printed on MPS flexo presses. In addition, nine labels also printed on MPS flexo presses received highly commended awards. The award ceremony was held during the Finat Congress 2014 program in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Turkish printer Doga Etiket was a winner in the cosmetics category for their “Elsève Extraordinary Oil” label, printed using flexo and screen printing in 5 colours plus hot gold foiling and a varnish.  Indian printer Pragati Pack won the pharmaceutical category for their “OrthoZen” label printed on a metallised substrate using flexography and screen printing in 4 colours, which includes an opaque white background. The winner of the booklets category was Italian printer Arca Etichette for their “Pivetti Impasta & Vinci” label printed in four colour process colours using flexography for the total label including the inside pages.

The nine highly commended awards in the marketing/end-uses group were presented to Pragati Pack (two awards), Doga Etiket (two awards), Skanem Willich, Germark S.A. and Label Apeel. Uniflex, and Doga Etiket also received highly commended awards in the printing processes group. All labels were printed on MPS flexo presses.

MPS commercial director/co-founder Eric Hoendervangers comments: “MPS is very proud of all the group winners and highly commended awards. It is a recognition of our customer’s outstanding label design and an honour for MPS that they were printed on our presses. We congratulate our customers for these well-earned achievements.”
The total number of entries for this year’s competition was 241 with 49 companies from 25 countries submitting samples for the judges to examine. The jury panel was led by acting chairman Mike Fairley with the remaining panel of Rik Olthof from Cartils, a well-known Dutch design agency, Bernard Plat, past president of the French label association UNFEA, Murat Sipahioglu from Turkey, Steve Wood from the UK, and this year’s media judge Bill Bruce. 

Beautiful Packaging Takes Center Stage at Packaging Innovations London and Luxury Packaging 2014

Beauty brand managers and entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their business are in for a treat at this year’s Packaging Innovations London and Luxury Packaging, taking place at the Business Design Centre, London on 30 September & 1 October. The shows will once again feature The Beauty Symposium.
Run in association with The Red Tree Consultancy, this year’s theme is ‘The Outer Face of Beauty’. The speakers are an impressive who’s who of industry experts from the world of cosmetics, beauty and luxury, who will be discussing how to stand out and build a successful beauty business.

Stirling Murray, CEO and Founder of The Red Tree, said: “The Beauty Symposium is delighted to be back at Packaging Innovations London and Luxury Packaging. Last year we had over 250 people attending the seminars, which was fantastic. We have an equally strong and eclectic speaker line-up this year, who are looking to share their inspiring ideas on beauty, packaging and luxury.”

Wren Holmes, Brand Manager at UrbanVeda, will be sharing her expertise into ‘Summing up your story in three seconds; a mass brand’s search for instantaneous shelf presence.’ Holmes will explore what makes a consumer and retailer buy products and how to maximise cut-through on a crowded shelf.  She will also talk about early brand development, the trials and tribulations of translating your vision with designers and packaging errors to avoid.

Continuing the theme, Janet Tarasofsky, Product Development Expert at Sarah Chapman, will be talking about ‘Avoid the avoidable errors of packaging.’ With over 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry, creating products and marketing them, Tarasofsky wants to inspire people within the industry to create the extraordinary. She will discuss how the most common errors in packaging development are easy to avoid, once they are known.

Nick Ellis, Creative Partner and Founder at Halo Media Communications will provide insight into ‘Mainstream success: the death of ambition.’ With over 18 years of experience, Ellis has worked as the creative lead on numerous household names and challenger brands. He will be talking about how the only hope for mainstream creativity lies in the hands of brand managers and accounts teams.

Diana Verde Nieto, CEO and Founder of Positive Luxury.com will be discussing ‘Don’t judge a book by the cover – trust is the new currency when it comes to branding.’ She will explain that the rise and fall of social media is raising the issue of what and who we can trust; plus she will also touch upon why a company’s actions are more important than what a company says.

Farooq Chaudhry, Director and Co-Founder of Su-Man Skincare will be presenting ‘Packaging design – balancing identity, integrity and visual impact.’ With an arts and dance background Farooq will show how he successfully transferred principles and ideas from these fields over to the cosmetics industry. He will explain how his search for ‘awesome simplicity’ was discovered by a series of beautiful accidents and a total commitment to creative integrity.

In addition to The Beauty Symposium, Packaging Innovations London and Luxury Packaging will feature a Luxury Packaging Conference, boasting senior representatives from Karl Lagerfeld, Diageo, Harrods, Procter & Gamble (Prestige Brands) and Godiva Chocolatier. They will be exploring the vital role packaging has to play in positioning and promoting luxury and prestige brands.
Luxury Packaging and Packaging Innovations will also host an array of show features including inspirational learnShops seminars, Lions’ Lair, The BIG Packaging Debate, where panellists debate a controversial hot topic, and The Drinks Symposium.

Car Dealership Almost Gets 1:1 Printing Right: Part 2

A few days ago, I posted about my local car dealership and how, while they must be commended for regularly using their knowledge of my relationship with the dealership, along with their knowledge of the make and model of my SUV, they keep falling short of what they could be doing. I want to add…

Erhardt+Leimer announce new Nyscan Web:Inspector

The stunning new interface is completely redesigned with the user in mind. The first thing operators notice about the new system is ease of navigation in the modern UI. It’s more intuitive, perfectly organized, and a pleasure to view. During the design phase, we conducted exhaustive user tests to ensure that it met our goals, which were to deliver a simpler and more effective system to our customers. The new Nyscan is also designed to provide a consistent user experience across all of our vision products. This assures cross-functional users can more easily adapt to our technology whether it be 100% Print Inspection, Web Viewing, or Missing Label Detection. Features such as touch screen compatibility, sizable windows, and flexible screen resolution are but a few of the benefits you will notice.