Stay Ahead of the Curve with Automated Web-to-Print Solutions

Want to learn how to keep your print services on top within the fast-paced marketing community? If so, InfoTrends’ Kate Dunn offers insight and recommendations on how to adapt and automate print services for your clients. Sponsored by the PressGo program of Canon Solutions America, this webinar gives you the information needed to bolster your…

What’s next for PHP 6

As many of us know, PHP 6 was scrapped due to the developers trying to make the whole project Unicode compliant – and coming up against so many bugs (not to mention the memory usage) that it was abandoned. So, with lots of articles about what PHP 6 may be like next time, here are […]

Why “Green” Still Matters on Direct Mail and Packaging

Research into the purchase of “green” consumer products shows that overall, consumer awareness and value of green product development is growing even as their commitment to actually paying more for green products is waning. Consumers like to think of themselves as being green, but their actual purchasing behavior should not be taken for granted. Does…

What’s YOUR Vote on “Content Shock”?

Writing at on January 6, influential blogger Mark Schaefer postulated that content marketers are in for Content Shock, “the merging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.” In other words, too much to read and not enough time. But is Schaefer right? On January…

Global RFID Adoption Accelerating in Apparel Retail

Two Out of Three of the Top 30 Retailers in US have RFID Initiatives in

The acceleration of global RFID adoption by retailers was the focus of a
Big Ideas panel session hosted by Avery
Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) this week
at Retail’s “Big Show,” the National Retail Federation’s 103nd Annual
Convention & EXPO. The panel, moderated by Mark Roberti, editor of RFID
Journal Magazine, featured industry experts Francisco Melo, Avery
Dennison RBIS’ VP of global RFID, Dr. Bill Hardgrave, dean of the
Harbert College of Business at Auburn Universit…