The Survey Says: Digital Print Image Quality

If you haven’t checked out The Digital Print Survey conducted by What They Think and Unisource (March 2014), it’s a fascinating read. While the results are not projectible to the industry at large, the results are drawn from nearly 400 responses and provide a compelling look inside the shops of a representative cross-section of digital…

Building Your Web-to-Print Relationships

Having a web-to-print storefront can be extremely beneficial for businesses. Through setting one up, a printer can save time and resources when it comes to the process of taking orders. However, while an online storefront may accomplish the goal of reducing the printer’s workload, could it end up meaning less business in the end? Is…

Stand Alone Printing – Zebra KDU

We talk a lot about integrating printing and labeling systems into networks, with the cloud or with PLCs. Sometimes though, a more stand alone approach makes more sense – be able to easily set up equipment to print labels with no computer or server needed at all. We’ve discussed Intermec’s SmartPrinting before, but our friends […]

Direct Mail: The Power of Consistency

Last Friday, I posted about a conversation I had with Mark Pageau, vp sales at Darwill, about how direct mail results can be sabotaged by post-mail factors unrelated to the mailing itself and, consequently, the importance of helping marketers think through the entire sales funnel when results are not what they expect. Another issue that…

Zebra ZT400 Printer – Review

In the barcode printer business, the mid-range industrial sector is one of the most important and also one with potential to grow as companies step up from desktop printers and scale down from the heavy super industrial models. The printer manufacturers have come up with several mid-range models of late – Intermec’s PM43 and Sato’s […]