New Option for GS1 Logistic Label – 2D Barcode

Do you print the GS1 logistics label for the items you ship? You know the one that has the SSCC barcode and probably some other in information.

GS1 has always allowed for additional information to be added to the logistics label but in the new Release 19 of the General Specifications (January 2019), there is a new addition. It is now approved to add a GS1 approved 2D barcode system to the labels.

The logistic label is divided into a number of blocks – the bottom one which contains the GS1 SSCC barcode (and optionally other GS1 128 barcodes) being the only compulsory one. These barcodes have the data (referred to as Human Readable Interpretation – HRI) printed underneath the bars.

The top block can contain anything – generally information such as the from and to addresses. This block can contain both text and graphics as needed.

The block in the middle contains text (not the barcode HRI) associated with the shipment. This could include items such as the product GTIN, batch number, etc. This text should have data titles to help with quick understanding of the information.

This chart shows the options for the logistic label – note that the GS1 2D barcode is included in Option 2.

Options for logistics labels - GS1

Options for logistics labels – GS1

Here’s an example of a logistic label with to/from address in the free-format area, SSCC, GTIN and batch number in the Non-HRI text block and two GS1 128 barcodes in the barcode block. The top barcode contains the GTIN and batch number, while the second contains the (required) SSCC. The 2D GS1 Datamatrix code that is allowed under the new version of the standard contains the following:

AI 00 – the SSCC data

AI 10 – Batch/Lot Code

AI 420 – Destination postal code.

GS1 now allows 2D Datamatrix barcode on the logisti label.

GS1 Logistic Label with 2D Datamatrix barcode

Being able to add additional data to the logic label gives shippers the opportunity to share more information with their customers in a proven GS1 approved, machine-readable format.

It will be interesting to see how many companies take advantage of this addition to the General Specification.

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