New & highly recommended online wine and beer bottle label design tool

oldale One of our partners has created a new online tool to create different types of bottle label using your own artwork. The tool allows you can select different types of quality self adhesive label materials specifically designed for the premium beer and wine markets and see how they look on a variety of bottles, including on the shelf.

The tool allows you to upload your own design or even get a feel for the different types of labels from the example gallery. The pre uploaded designs have many options to change like the colour and finishing techniques like stamping or relief.

Once you have created your label design you can view the final product along with a technical specification sheet. Save your design for later or send us the technical specifications and we can produce your label design for you using your PDF mockup as a design guide.

For more information please speak to our sales team on +44 (0) 1543 431 070 or email .

How to create your own label – A ‘Step by Step’ guide

1. Load the online tool

Load the tool here .

2.Select your bottle type

Select your language and then once you have watched the video click ‘continue’. You can then select a wine or beer bottle to get started.

Wine or Beer?

Wine or Beer?

3. Choose a Paper & Bottle Type

Next you can select the type of material you want on the left hand side. Then click onto ‘Bottle’ to select the shape and colour you want your label to be previewed on.

4. Design your label with Layers

Now you can get creative by uploading your own design to preview on the bottle selected. There is also the option to view some stock designs so you can see how they are layered up.

5. Choosing a Capsule

The different types of bottle you can select come with pre defined capsules. Select the colour you would like to match your designs.

6. Save & View

Save your design to your ‘cellar’ and then view it in any of 3 pre defined environments. You can view the technical data on the left hand side. If you want to create this label please email these details to our sales team or call us on +44 (0) 1543 431 070.

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