Manage Your New Nutrition Labels

The new style, FDA approved, nutritional facts labels take effect next month.

The agency has stated that due to many companies int the food industry not being ready, enforcement will be delayed for six months, but this is still a good time to ensure you have a plan to be in compliance.

One of the reasons stated for the delay is that many food producers have a large number of existing printed labels in stock that need to be used up, and many have not finished the process of procuring labels to the new design.

One way to help with this problem (and to make managing many SKUs of nutrition labels much easier) is to invest in ID Technology’s labeling system, with optional print/apply head to print the nutrition information right on the label applicator at the time of use.

The 262 print/apply labeling head can be used as the bottom head on a top/bottom labeler or as a bottom only labeler in order to produce the completed printed nutrition label.

On a top/bottom set-up, this allows for the existing nicely printed digital or flexo label to be applied to the top of the package and the complete bottom label with allergen, ingredients and nutritional information be printed on the bottom label.

We recommend using NiceLabel label management to provide full control of the label designs and ensure that only the correct, approved label is printed every time.

Using this system can eliminate the need to source and manage multiple pre-printed label SKUs and prevent being left with inventories of obsolete labels when the copy on the label changes.

In addition, the 262 labeling head can also apply conventional printed labels, allowing our customers to use pre-printed labels for large volume products and the print/apply feature for smaller runs.

Our labeling systems are built in the USA and are designed to be easy to set-up, use and maintain.

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