LSI Solution of the Month – Three Point Wrap

LSI Model 1500 3-Point Wrap System

LSI 1500 Three-Point Wrap

Some containers are just a pain to label.

They might be tall and unstable, maybe have a very long and narrow label that needs to be accurately  wrapped around, maybe there is a feature on the container to which the label needs to  be oriented.

A great solution to these kinds of problems is LSI’s Model 1500 Labeling System, outfitted with a three-point wrap station.

In this solution, the containers are spaced on the conveyor by a variable speed spacing wheel, then accurately located between three rollers and rotated as the label is applied. Everything is just under gentle control to ensure accurate labeling each time.

If the label needs to be oriented to print on the bottle or maybe a handle or other feature, a photosensor detects this and the label is then applied at the correct time.

Here’s a short video of the Three-Point Wrap in action…

Need to add variable data to your label before applying it? We can supply the LSI Model 1500 with ID Technology’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter, to print variable text or barcodes onto your labels.

The Model 1500 can be customized with many options such as  barcode scanners, label presence scanner, reject station and others.  This is a well proven product that is a great combination of durability, features, uptime and value.

Outputs of 50 – 60 containers per minute can be achieved with this solution. Need to go faster? No problem – we have other solutions for higher speeds as well!

Want more info? You can download the datasheet here or feel free to call me at 603-598-1553 x237. You can also email LSI Directly at


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