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shipping As supply chains get more complicated, the importance of logistics  labels in enabling control of the flow of products can’t be overstated. Logistics labels give a digital voice to assets that can be used to identify them and track where they are in the supply chain. One of the first organizations to insist on  barcoded logistics labels was the US Department of Defense with the 1981 Logistics Applications of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols (LOGMARS) mandate. This was based around using Code 39 barcodes and has since evolved into the current standard MIL-STD-129 which calls for multiple types of barcodes as well as RFID for items shipped into the DoD supply chain. Today, most non-military logistics applications (the big shipping companies like FedEx and UPS are another matter, and use their own closed systems) are focused on using the GS1 standards, which is particularly important for international supply chains as GS1 are global standards. Of course, one does have to pay GS1 to become a part of this. Rather than use Code 39, modern GS1 logistics labels use Code 128 which is a little more economical in the space it needs on the label. GS1 has developed its own formatting system for Code 128, very imaginatively called GS1 128. Here at ID Technology, we have several ways to assist our clients with their logistics labels. Logmatix® Printed Barcode Labels

SSCC barcode logmatix

Construction of SSCC Barcode using GS1 128

We supply custom printed barcode labels for your logistics applications. This includes labels to all the GS1 standards, GS1 128, SSCC, etc as well as labels designed for MIL-STD-129 for the DoD supply chain. From a single label to millions at a time, we can handle just about any logistics label printing  job.

MIL-STD-129 labels

Department of Defense Logistics Labels

For customers that prefer to print their own labels, we have great solutions with our line up of automatic Label Printer Applicators (designed to print the logistics label and apply it right to the shipping cases and pallets) and table top printers. As one of the largest label manufacturers in North America, we will make sure you have the right labels for your applications too.  We can provide software for designing the label formats and will help get everything working correctly.

RFID Labels for DoD compliance

RFID Labels for DoD

Do you need RFID labels for any of your shipments?

We have many years of experience using RFID. We can provide printed and encoded labels as well as printing systems if you want to produce your labels in-house. Since the Department of Defense started to demand RFID on items in the supply chain, we’ve help hundreds of defense contractors get into compliance – from the largest to the smallest. We have a set of templates for MIL-STD-129 labels that we make available to anyone that needs them. Not Just for Logistics ID Technology can print variable data Logmatix® labels for just about every application. Asset control, license plate sequential barcodes, MIL-STD-130 UID labels and warehouse location labels are good examples of what we do – all with barcodes and/or RFID. What’s your toughest printed label application? I bet we can help with it. Call me at 603-598-1553 x237 or use the contact form – we love to talk labels!     shipping containers photo credit: LukePricePhotography via photopin cc

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