Laser Marking for Medical Device Products

Medical-Devices_670x330Manufacturers of components for medical devices need to mark their products and packaging for a number of reasons; to identify the product, to add instructions for use, and to enable tracking and traceability.  Now that the FDA UDI rule has become final, a more standardized approach to marking medical device products is required, making recalls more effective and ensuring patient safety.

Laser marking for identification of medical devices is commonly used because the mark is conspicuous, permanent, and will withstand repeated use and sterilization. A laser can “engrave” or mark the object at high-speeds and can allow variable data printing for serialization, making it a useful method for marking devices in a production line.

For many products that require direct part marking, the type of product identifier best suited for compliance with UDI is a GS1 or HIBCC data matrix barcode, a two-dimensional barcode capable of holding large amounts of data in a relatively small space. Laser marking has such capabilities so you can mark your products and include all the required data for compliance. Medical_devices_grande

We offer fast and powerful lasers for marking and engraving a range of plastic and metal substrates. If you are currently marking with methods like dot-peening or chemical etching, you might want to consider laser marking.

How do you achieve direct part marking? Would laser marking be a better alternative? Talk to us and find out how laser marking can fit in your application. Give me a call at 603-598-1553 to talk labeling, DPM or UDI.

And speaking of UDI, we offer seminars throughout New England.  Ensuring UDI Success! is a free event, where we review the mandate itself, GS1 & HIBCC barcode standards, RFID, labels and labeling, direct part marking, the Global UDI Database (GUDID) and other relevant topics.

Want to join us? Check out our Events page. If a seminar is not currently scheduled, please call David Holliday at 603-598-1553 x 237 or use our contact form for help with your UDI planning and implementation.

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