Labeling Variable Height Boxes

Labeling Variable Height Boxes - Model 350EHS

350EHS Label Printer Applicator

If you are responsible for a distribution or fulfillment center, you probably have to be able to automatically apply shipping labels to boxes of various shapes and sizes – probably at high speeds.

ID Technology’s Model 350EHS (Electronic High Speed) Label Printer Applicator was engineered just for you.

The 350EHS is based on IDT’s innovative Centerline-Modularity™ concept, which keeps adjustment points to a minimum to ensure the system is as simple to install, use and maintain as possible.

The servo driven Smart-Tamp applicator can handle a variance of up to 30 inches in the height of the boxes and still accurately place labels at up to 55 cases per minute.

Crash Detect sensors mean you don’t have to worry about a case running into the tamp assembly and creating a mess.

Here’s the 350EHS system in action…

Communication to the 350EHS is either via Ethernet or Modbus/TCP (designed for communicating with PLC’s) to allow the system to be integrated into the line controls and to send label data to the printer.

For the print engine, the 350EHS is designed to seamlessly work with OEM print engines from Zebra, Datamax or Sato – generally you’d choose the brand that has the same native programming language your label files were written with.

In a distribution or fulfillment center, the performance of the labeling equipment is crucial. The 350EHS is engineered to be able to take the abuse of operating at high speed over long periods of time. In the event of a problem, the modular construction makes it easy to find and replace parts as needed. Of course, the nationwide ID Technology support team is always ready to help too!

So if you need to be able to print and apply labels to viable height boxes at high speeds, the 350EHS might be the perfect solution for you.

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