Jennifer Matt Announces Global Leader in Web-to-Print Market

San Francisco, CA USA (April 1, 2014) – Web2Print Experts, Inc., and Jennifer Matt announce the results of a study proving the global leader in the web-to-print software solution market. 

Today’s web-to-print software market is obviously highly fragmented. There are hundreds of providers around the world offering solutions that generally service the business challenges of online order entry of print materials. Our research set out to determine the real leader in this space from a global perspective. Printers deserve to know who is having real success in the marketplace. We invested eighteen months of time and effort into this research because it’s vital for the industry to know the real global leader.

Our approach is different. We think traditional market share studies are essentially bogus because they ask the wrong questions and only give positive option answers. The answer to “do you have a web-to-print solution?” means nothing because it simply means the printer at some point either bought or built a web-to-print system, it doesn’t tell you whether they are actually using it! We wanted to discover market share based on utilization rather than most bought and discarded.

The other factor that makes most market share studies bogus is that a survey is their primary tool of data capture. We all know people lie, exaggerate, and sugar-coat their real situation on surveys – nobody believes that legal disclaimer; your answers will be anonymous and protected (ha) or more likely used to sell you consulting services! In fact most surveys don’t even have the option to express anything but positive responses. If we were ever going to do a survey (which we will never do) ours would be more like a truth bomb – lets be real for a change?

Yo Printer, how would rate your success in addressing the new online commerce market?

  • Expert, we are rocking the online channel; it’s our primary way of doing business.
  • Working it, it’s a hard transition but we’re learning every day.
  • Just chillin’ – thinking this online thing is a fad that will pass, patiently waiting it out.
  • Lost and broke – we keep buying new tools thinking that will “fix” us, no workie so far.
  • Lost – we haven’t a clue what we’re doing and it will surely be the end of us.

Yo Printer, how would rate your relationship with your Print MIS software?

  • Our Print MIS is truly our most important member of our team (really). We rely on it to make virtually every business decision at every level of our company.
  • We are constantly improving our optimization and implementation of the MIS software, its hard work every day but it pays off.
  • We threw our Print MIS out, we’re back to whiteboards and post-it notes (no bugs, no upgrades, no more holding on the vendor’s customer support line, and no more annual maintenance!).
  • Angry and broke – we transitioned 3 times, right now we’re running 2 systems in parallel – it’s like going to a company-wide dentist appointment every day all day with no drugs.
  • If my Print MIS was a human, I would murder the thing, I would, the threat of a prison sentence means nothing – I want the thing to die!

We took a different approach. “The research was extensive and comprehensive, the conclusions are irrefutable.” says Jennifer Matt, who led up the research team. We did two things, we simply pretended to be a new customer to 1,000’s of printers around the world. In 87.65% of our interactions we were told to use the global leader in web-to-print to submit our job. E-MAIL. Then we called at least one existing customer at each printer and asked this question, “If you had to switch printers tomorrow, what would the change process look like?” In 84.34% of the responses the customer said, “I would simply send my job to a different e-mail address!”

The full research study is free to everyone, there is only one result.

E-mail is the global leader in web-to-print; it remains the global leader because we as an industry have failed to value the most important asset we deal with every day, THE CUSTOMER’S TIME.

About Web2Print Experts, Inc.

Web2Print Experts believes improving the utilization and return-on-investment for print software (Web-To-Print, Print MIS) is critical to the overall success of our industry. We sell our time and expertise which results in higher utilization and return-on-investment. We don’t sell software. We don’t like to call ourselves consultants, consider us a temporary part of your team and a life-line when you don’t want to make software decisions without parental supervision. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA (only because the founder and president Jennifer Matt lives there), everything else about the company is virtual and global. Web2Print Experts can be found at and the W2P Finder, a free tool for finding web-to-print software providers is available at

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