Integrated Labeling/Case Sealing Solution

ID Technology 252CTL for case taping and labeling

Model 252CTL Case Taping/Labeling Solution

Let’s face it, there is never enough room in the packaging area to add equipment to the lines.

That’s why ID Technology has designed an integrated case sealing – print apply system that takes up just 7 feet of precious line length.

The Model 252CTL system uses our best selling Model 252 label printer applicator combined with a Bel 150 pressure sensitive case taper from our sister company Wexxar/BEL.

The label applicator is located right on the outfeed conveyor of the BEL 150 so no additional conveyor (or space) is needed.

See the Model 252CTL in action in the video…


The 252CTL system is designed to be easily adjustable to handle a wide range of box widths – one adjustment sets the width of the case taper and the labeler in one operation. An additional adjustment accommodates varying heights.

The 252CTL fits right in with IDT’s Centerline-Modularity™ concept to simplify as much as possible and remove unneeded adjustments that can make a system more complicated and difficult than it needs to be.

Our 252 range of label printer applicators is not only the best selling on the market, but also extremely versatile. No matter what your labeling application, we will almost certainly have a simple solution.

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