Ink for Citronix Printers

Ink for Citronix Printers Our Citronix ciSeries Continuous Inkjet Printer line-up is well known in the industry for being a reliable, simple to use and easy to maintain printer for a wide range of applications.

The flexibility of the hardware is enhanced by a range of fluids, designed to ensure the best results on a huge array of products.

For example, there are no less than nine different  black inks. These range from a general purpose MEK based ink (great for many applications) to inks developed to work well with particular plastic substrates as well as pigment inks designed for cable and extruded items.

The range of black inks, also includes inks based on acetone, ethanol as well as a version designed to be removable in a caustic wash situation (used for returnable bottles, kegs etc., where the codes need to be removed before the next fill.

As well as black, Citronix ink is available in red (includes a version that is FDA approved as Food Grade), yellow (a high contrast Pigment ink), green and blue.

There are also two additional special inks, a UV security ink that is only visible under UV light and a Thermocromic ink that changes from black to red under certain temperature conditions.

All the Citronix inks are supplied in 16oz bottles – the Citronix fill system is designed to be simple and mess-free to use. Note that it is super important to use the correct matching make-up fluid for the particular ink you use. Poor print, downtime and possible damage can result if using incorrect product. It is also important to only use Citronix inks in our printers – we also don’t recommend using Citronix ink in printers made by other companies.

Note that the pigment inks require a different printer than the others – these inks require a different pump and ink handling system to work correctly.

Do you have a need to add variable data to your packaging or products? Our  ciSeries just might be what you are looking for. Contact us at use the contact form. We’ll get you in touch with an ID Technology specialist right in your area!

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