In Case You Missed It — Postal Rate Increase Approved

In case you missed it, the PRC approved the 4.3% exigent price increase starting January 28. So get ready — here it comes.

While the rate increase will have the greatest impact on catalogs and large commercial mailers, it will have an impact on marketers of all sizes, as well.

How are you planning to handle this with your customers? Simply raise prices and explain that even the U.S. Post Office deserves a raise (even one that is higher than CPI every few years)? Offer to improve their targeting? Improve the robustness of your data management and list hygiene services? Perhaps use it as an opportunity to encourage them to add more robust metrics so they can cost-justify their postal spend?

Please share your thoughts about how this rate increase will affect you. How do you plan to handle it?

This labelling news was spotted at The Digital Nirvana
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