ID Technology Label Applicator – ST1000

ST1000 Label Applicator ID Technology

IDT Model ST1000

Our company is (rightfully) renowned for our line-up of label printer applicators – we do have the best selling models in the USA of course – but we also build some excellent applicators for a lot of labeling jobs where printing isn’t needed.

IDT’s label applicators are built in the USA and , like the label printer applicators, they are expertly engineered to beat expections as well as provide the lowest cost of ownership.

The ST1000 is IDT’s simple economical label applicator, its stepper drive can give web speeds up to 1,000 inches per minute. The ST1000 is solidly constructed from anodized aluminium, ensuring that it is tough enough for some pretty demanding jobs. The touchscreen interface makes operating the machine simple too.

ST1000 Label Applicator Options

ST1000 Tamp and BlowOn Applicators

The ST1000 can be specified with several different applicator types, wipe on, blow on and tamp applicator – making it an incredibly versatile machine.

ID Technology ST1000 Applicator with TTO printer

ST1000 with TTO Printer

Need to add some variable data to your labels before applying them to the product? No problem, the ST1000 can be fitted with one of our TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinter) printers to be able to add text graphics or barcodes to the labels.

Being a digital printer, the TTO is perfect for applications needing serialized text or barcodes such as medical devices or pharmaceutical products.

More info on our TTO line is available here.

As an alternative to the TTO printer, the ST1000 can also be configured with one of our laser coders. This will usually need to have the label designed with a printed layer that is removed by the laser to show the contrasting background.

Laser Coding - ID Technology

IDT Laser Code Integrated With Applicator

Wraparound Labeling System ID Technology

Wraparound Labeling System

As you can see, the ST1000 label applicator is the basis of many labeling solutions. It can also be taken a step further by being integrated into an inline labeling system by including a conveyor, label wrap station and product spacing wheel.

While the ST1000 is an important part of our label applicator program, it is not the only one. ID Technology has a complete range of applicators from simple semi automatic units up to sophisticated fully integrated high speed systems from LSI. We also have an “apply only” module for our industry leading Model 252 printer applicator. I’ll go into detail on some of these systems in a future post.

In the meantime, how can we help you meet all the goals for your labeling operations? To talk labeling, give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 or contact our main office at We’ll get you connected with an IDT Labeling Specialist right in your local area! You can also get the datasheet on the ST1000 here. 

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