How to Deliver a Demo in a Snowstorm

John G.John Gonzales, National Business Development Manager in Illinois, had a Wednesday morning appointment to give a laser demonstration in Clermont, KY. On a typical day, such a trip would take about 6 hours. However, the Tuesday evening before saw significant snowfall of 7-10″, in addition to dangerous sleet and freezing rain.

Snow PlowWhat to do, postpone or reschedule? Not so for John. Even though the commute was treacherous, John was able to make the trip by driving his snowplow along I-495 and I-65, clearing the highways to make sure he arrived on time. Not only did he manage the trip without incident to give a great demo, he had also helped other motorists out of ditches and ravines during the height of the storm. Such dedication to customers and a concern for fellow travelers deserves a hearty “way to go John!”

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