Everything I Want in Customer Service Happened Here

It may be weeks past November, but let me say this. I’m thankful for Amazon.

I ordered two sweaters on the same day. Both were scheduled for delivery two days later, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. One was left inside my condo building (standard procedure) as promised, but the other one didn’t show.

I did an online chat with Amazon’s Jocelyn P., who told me item two was “signed for by Carter.” I had no idea who Carter was/is, but figured it might be the condo management office, which is supposed to email us about packages, but  didn’t (customer service FAIL!).

After the long Thanksgiving weekend, I went to the management office. Voila! Package number two was there. But wait there’s more …

The same day I talked to Jocelyn, I received an email from her saying, “I am writing a personal follow-up regarding our conversation yesterday about your item #[x]. I have contacted the carrier on your behalf and confirmed that the carrier delivered our item on November 27. If you haven’t received your shipment, please let us know and we’ll be happy to get a refund for you.”

How many packages does Amazon process during the holidays? Millions and millions, I’m guessing.

This is simply incredible customer service seven ways.

1. Scheduled delivery was on-time, as promised.
2. Throughout the delivery process, I received continuing notifications about the status of my order.
3. Online chat was available quickly and the representative was informed and attentive.
4. The online chat representative never suggested that the problem might be mine, but remained focused on resolving the issue.
5. I received an email follow-up to the online chat, a “first” for me.
6. Every player on the Amazon team performed as promised.
7. The same day I sent positive feedback about my shopping experience, I received a “thank you” email.

Others may enter the online shopping arena, but Amazon was there first, last, and best. Amazon, you’re amazing. Others may come and go and some may match your customer service someday, but I have a long memory and I will always be loyal to you.

This labelling news was spotted at The Digital Nirvana
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