Eaglewood Technologies Reaches Dealer Agreement

Flexi-Vel S.A. de C.V. has entered an exclusive dealer agreement with Eaglewood Technologies, anilox roll cleaning experts.  Flexi-Vel will represent the Laserlox™ by Sitexco Systems as well as Sanilox™ Systems, in Mexico and Central America.

Flexi-Vel is a leading supplier of machinery and equipment in the film extrusion, conversion, printing, bag making, plastic recycling, corrugated and label industries in Mexico and Central America for more than 46 years.

According to Fernando Galindo, Sales Director, “We, at Flexi-Vel, are always in search of equipment and machinery to improve and ease the jobs that our customers do.  Eaglewood Technologies is a company that meets these characteristics.  It manufactures and distributes high quality equipment to keep the anilox rollers and sleeves at optimum condition to deliver the best quality print every time.”

Eaglewood Technologies can provide the most sustainable options for cleaning anilox inventories in every flexographic segment.  These systems are proven, guaranteed and safe for the environment and employees.

Contact us to schedule a visit to an Eaglewood Technologies Demo Center by calling (800) 347-1959 or emailing salesinfo@eaglewoodtech.com, or visit https://www.flexi-vel.com.mx





This labelling news was spotted at TLMI – Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc.
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