Driving M-Commerce from Print Circulars

It is very interesting to me how print is reinventing itself right now. Print and mobile, in particular, seem to be having quite the love affair.

For example, more steps toward integration were announced by Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay just recently.  Both are using the same mobile application (Pounce) to allow customers to make purchases directly from print media using their their smartphones and tablets.

The experience of the user is very much like a checkout screen on a website. The customer scans the code on a piece of direct mail, a circular, or a magazine. On their screen pops up a mobile-optimized page. The page shows the item, the price, and allows them to select size, color, and quantity. When they are ready, they hit “purchase.” First-time users have to input all of their credit card and other information, of course, but subsequent purchases can be made using the same app with a single click. As long as the retailer is using the same app, their credit card information is stored and they don’t have to input it again.

Although mobile wallet apps have been around for awhile, incorporation by large brand names will help spur adoption. Currently, they require explanatory text and app downloads, but just like QR Codes, they are becoming more common. Over time, less explanation will be necessary.

This is great news for print. The more print can be used to drive mobile sales, the more valuable print becomes.

The data is on a very positive trend. As reported by MediaPost based on a Parks Associates study “Transforming Commerce: Mobile Wallets and LBS,” 20% of all smartphone owners used at least one mobile location service or mobile wallet in 2013. The study suggests that this will increase to 43% of all smartphone owners within three years.

Do you have any clients who could benefit from a mobile payment app?


This labelling news was spotted at The Digital Nirvana
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