Digital Connections to Your Customers

You are “connected” to your customers through your relationships. If the relationship changes (e.g. the person you have known for decades leaves or gets promoted) what is your connection to the new person?

Relationships are important AND they need additional support in the form of digital connections. Enabling your customers to interact with you via online systems (aka web-to-print, project management, asset management/storage/transfer, collaboration, etc…) builds digital connections between you and your customer. If relationship is your only connection, you have no backup when the relationship changes – the switching cost for the customer to go to another provider is as easy as dialing a new phone number or typing a new e-mail address.

Customer preferences are moving towards self-service.

Customer loyalty is more and more based on how easy it is to do business with you.

For the print industry this means we have to step out of our limiting beliefs about full-service and high-touch. Customers should not need to talk to you every time they want to do business with you. Can they call you? Of course. Should they have the option to interact with you in a self-service fashion – ABSOLUTELY.

We endlessly obsess about the high labor costs in running a print business, we fail to recognize that high-touch interactions with the customer cost the customer labor as well. Lets make print easier to buy (for the customer).

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