CVS: Don’t Tease Me Like That

This morning, my heartbeat skipped a little when I read the headline: “CVS Unveils Personalized Circulars.”

Anything I read that reflects growth in print personalization is exciting to me, but especially outside direct mail, transpromotional, and marketing collateral. Could it be that CVS is going to start mailing coupon books the way my grocery store does, except personalized to my shopping habits gleaned from my loyalty card?

What would it look like? Stapled with the three perforated coupons per page? I get one from the grocery store, and I love it. Even though it’s not personalized, I use it too. What would it be like to get one that is user-friendly and personalized? I couldn’t wait.

But alas, CVS was to disappoint me. When they said “circular,” what they meant was circulated via email and mobile. I don’t love that.

I belong to the company’s loyalty program, but it hasn’t provided me with any benefits so far. I either get coupons on the bottom of my receipts that expire too quickly for them to be of any use or I get rewards by email that send me onto a wild goose chase and require me to input information I don’t want to input to download an email-back coupon. If I’m a rewards member, why can’t they just send me the coupon outright?

You know what I want? I want hard copy coupons from CVS the way I get them from the grocery store. But personalized. Not like the email offers. No, no tricks. No gimmicks. No online switcheroos. Just value in perforated form in my mailbox.

The value of coupons is well documented. The value of personalization is, too. When are retailers going to begin to combine them on a regular basis?


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