Celebrating 20 Years of Printer Applicator Manufacturing

Twenty years ago (back in 2000), ID Technology launched a new label printer applicator model – the 250.

Until then, ID Technology had been a reseller of other OEMs products – the 250 being the first model designed and built by the company.

This new labeling system was more modular in construction when compared to competing equipment and was easy to use for both operators and mechanics – all at a competitive price.

A large number of customers agreed and the 250 became the best selling print and apply labeler in North America, with a range of applicator modules that enabled it to handle just about every labeling job.

Model 250 Label Printer Applicator

There are still many 250 systems operating – in labeling applications, despite the fact components in the electronics module are getting hard to find.

Today,  the successors of the 250, the ID Technology 252, 255 and 262 carry on the heritage of that original design and remain the best selling product line in the business.

Even more modular, with most adjustments eliminated, the new versions have an enhanced range of applicator modules that can handle even more applicators, at increasingly high speeds.

ID Technology labeling systems are certainly built to last and (when combined with our labels) offer a limited lifetime equipment warranty.

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