Building a Lasting Relationship with Your Customers

Building-a-Lasting-Relationship-with-Your-CustomersBuilding a Lasting Relationship with Your Customers

Here at Creative Labels of Vermont, we love our customers, and we like to build a lasting relationship with them.  We’re sure that most business owners feel the same way.  After all, without our customers, we wouldn’t exist!  Furthermore, it makes sense economically, as it is agreed that getting new customers costs more than keeping the ones you have.  We have found that building a lasting relationship with your customers is the key to keeping them satisfied and, as a result, keeping their business.  Here are some tips to building and maintaining that lasting relationship.

You know how you have to call or email your friends and family to keep them from feeling neglected?  The same rule applies to your customers: you need to stay in touch with them in order to maintain a good connection.  So drop them a line, an email, a tweet- whatever!  Ask how their experience with the product is going, and tell them to be completely honest in their feedback.  Make them feel like their feedback is important. Not only will they feel as though their business is valued, they’ll feel like they have a voice in your company, that their concerns and experiences matter, which will foster a greater sense of investment on their part.  Hopefully, that sense of personal investment will translate to future fiscal investments.

When you’re listening to your customer’s feedback, you must really listen.  Take notes.  If your customer has a legitimate complaint, apologize and admit where you went wrong.  Just like in your personal relationships, being humble and honest goes a long way toward smoothing over problems and making the other person feel heard.  Later on, you can demonstrate that you’ve been listening by bringing up their previous concerns or feedback, and, if applicable, telling them about the steps you’ve taken to address any issues.

Another way to further personalize your relationship with your customer is to know their product.  Nobody wants to feel like another number or dollar sign.  Familiarizing yourself with what your customer does will help you make more personalized suggestions for how they can use your own product or services.  Maybe your customer is a local restaurant.  Stop by for dinner one night, and make sure you ask to say hello to your customer.  If they’re unavailable, mention it the next time you speak, and remember a detail, like, how excellent the service was, or how much you enjoyed the special.  If you can’t put any of your time toward patronizing their establishment or using their product, make sure you do a lot of research.

There are many ways to build good relationship with your customer.  Contact us for more information!

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