Best Sales Month Ever!

label sales boost for October 2018We are proud to announce our best sales month ever in October 2018. It was a record sales month for us here at Positive ID Labels with gross sales were over £210,000 for the calendar month of October, beating our previous record by over £37,000!

Sales were up across all channels of label production and hardware:

Commenting on the best sales month ever, Managing Director John Mayers said:

We started this company 31 years ago and after months of hard work managed to break £10,000 in sales in a month. To have grown now to the point where we have 20 staff and have managed sales in one month of over £210k is incredible. My thanks go to the sales staff for all their hard work developing accounts and winning new ones. It is hard work that takes a lot of resilience to persevere with.

The pressure is now on the production team to get the orders out on time. So far delivery times have remained good and it looks like this bumper month of label orders will leave the factory gate on time.

Commenting on the workload as a result of the best sales month ever, Danny Carr Production Director said:

The production and dispatch staff have worked tirelessly to keep production on schedule and deliveries on time. A few key individuals have really pulled out all the stops to get the work done. I am grateful to each and every one of the staff who show such commitment to delivering quality products on time to our customers. They are a credit to themselves!

Generating sales of this magnitude has been a result of a commitment from the entire company to get things right and serve our customers as well as we can. Our philosophy is service and value and this result shows that philosophy is paying off.

Commenting on the best sales month ever, Sales Director Mark Hurst said:

The sales team have really put their backs in to get this result. Careful account management and nurturing customers by serving them to the best of our ability has paid off. We look forward to doing more of the same and going out of our way to help deliver what our customers need. This really is a result based on personal relationships between our account managers and our customers coupled with high quality products and quick turnarounds.

Positive ID Labels is a family run business big enough to deliver and small enough to care. Customers have an account manager assigned to them to oversea their orders and look after their needs. The account management of every customer means we really understand what our customers want which means we can serve their needs to the best of our ability and help them achieve their goals.

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